27 October 2005

Now that the first quarter is over, I am able to sit back and look at how this new pedagogy is working. Being an art teacher for 20 years, I've been known for having great displays of student art work in the hallways but all the products came from teacher driven projects and the displays showed many different variations of MY concept. A great example of that was the unit I did last year when I had the 5th graders do value studies of a still life I constructed -- the display consisted of 15+ drawings of that same still life. Granted, the art work was beautiful but the display was repetitive and led the viewer to pick out which student possessed the greatest skill at reproducing said still life. This year, I have seen many people actually stopping to read the artist's statement while viewing the Art Gallery in the hallway and I have overheard comments like, "This is like going to an art museum!" In the art room, I have been amazed by how much thought my students are putting into their work. Even my kindergarten students catch me by surprise -- a number of times, I have thought, "Now what the heck is this all about?" , only to have my eyes opened as I transcribe their thoughts on the artist's statement form. Scroll down and look at the collage with all the holes in it -- when the little girl brought this to me, I couldn't imagine that she would be able to say what her thought was behind this work (other than that she had discovered the holepuncher in the Collage Center!!). Now, as I pass her work in the hallway, all I can see is rain and a flower - from the mouths of babes...

26 October 2005

The Park Lane Art Gallery

"Whales are my favorite..." and this whale is being friends with the other creatures in the sea.

This collage was made by a 5th grade girl who is worried about the way people are trashing the earth. It consists of crumpled scraps of paper glued onto the earth, which is spinning through a charcoal drawn universe.

"This painting represents the two parts of myself -- the good side and the bad side"
This 4th grade student is working on a series of work reflecting the duality of his personality ... now *that'* deep!

A kindergarten girl described her collage this way:
"It's raining and I added a flower"... the white button on her collage looks like a flower!

This creation was made by a girl who loves the mountains.

"I made this collage because it reminds me of my grandmother's house."

This student spent 3 classtimes working with markers to create his dragon.

a first grader's view of sunset...

This is a first grade girl who has just discovered the book on how to draw portraits.
Notice the intense concentration!

1st graders working

I always get grand construction projects from my younger students.

25 October 2005

"It's the school! It's red and yellow and black and there are two doors.."

These kindergarten girls didn't even notice me snapping the picture!

The Art Room

This room is full of kindergarteners, on task and engrossed in their work.

Kindergarten builders

Last week, I opened the sculpture center with oil clay, blocks and legos.