21 January 2008


In the Jewelry Studio, I demonstrated making paper beads out of strips of pictures from magazines. Students from 1st grade to 5th were successful in making bracelets and necklaces with paper and wire beads.

An interesting use of buttons and beads in making a funky bracelet...

I like how he used a button as the center focal point of this choker.

And another use of buttons strung on like beads! I loved watching the creativity in the different ways students came up with to create and combine the different elements available to them.


Sometimes I can't believe what my students attempt and successfully create!!

We did a lesson on proportion in portrait making - I especially like the outdoor background given to this self portrait.

This is one of my prolific artists who draw endless pictures of strange worlds overrun by beasts.

Speaking of strange, this young boy began drawing a series of these odd, cartoon-like characters. This, after not producing much for almost two months! I love watching a student find a style.

Young boys love nothing more than to create mythical, fierce beasts to slay in their their fantasy worlds. I really enjoy watching my 2-D artists, as they intensely works on their creations... it's as if they are driven to create what they see in their minds.

This artist usually spends his time drawing elaborate, tiny scenes of landscapes with dinosaurs. I'm glad he decided to try his ideas in 3-D.

Another 2-D artist brings one of his dragon creations to life!

This photo doesn't show the complete paint job but I love the craftsmanship of this water shooting Spidey hand.

As usual, the Clay Studio is a popular place. It has two sections - one with oil clay for practicing technique and the other with 'real' clay, as it is called. I have seen growth in many students in the way they work with the clay and get it to do what they envision.

I feel that I need to present another quick shot on painting to boost interest and provide inspiration. There have been some beautiful works coming out of the Paint Studio though!

Where did the time go?

The year is half over and I can't believe it! This year seems have gone smoothly and the students are more involved than ever. Not that I haven't had my share of self doubts but I just accept that as part of life. I am slowly introducing new menus as the center openings warrant. I'm trying to provide more help for the low readers by taking pictures to illustrate a process.