29 January 2006

Here are two products from the Sculpture
Station --- it's amazing what students can
create with cardboard and army men!!

This sculpture, in the style of Louise Nevelson,
is called "Jail Break".

A kindergarten self portrait in paper...

Here are a few different takes on creating a landscape.

This girl obviously loves her cat!

Doesn't this remind you of Magritte??

There continue to be great paintings being done --

Paper sculpture is another enticing project in the art room --

These two works show how one student has been exploring using soft pastels --

This student first created a stitchery called
"The Jet Pencil" and then decided to turn
it into a pillow.

It's been awhile....

Now that thanksgiving break and xmas break are over, we begin the 2nd half of the school year and the students continue to explore in different mediums, creating wonderful works of art. The Fiber Station continues to be a favorite and the Weaving Station always has a handful of artists quietly working away on their creations . At the Clay Station, there are a number of students who are practicing their techniques in order to earn the chance to try real clay. The rule is that two practice sessions must be graded before they are allowed to give real clay a try and at present, I have a dozen projects drying and waiting to be fired. The biggest draw has been the Sculpture Station and I am finding out quickly that I don't have enough places for students to store their works in progress. I think it's time to purchase 2 or 3 five shelf units to put along the wall! Then I will have a place for student work as well as somewhere to put boxes of materials so that they will be accessible for my artists... time to hit Target and Big Lots!