13 June 2007

The jewelry center was a big hit!

This year I vowed to add jewelry to the offerings in the art studio. I set out bins of beads, buttons and wire and taught artists how to make paper and wire beads, as well as how to make a stringing wire with a hook on one end and a loop on the other end. I allowed students in kindergarten and 1st grade to string ordinary beads on a wire but they had to make a pattern on the table first before finishing their bracelet or necklace. The 2nd - 5th graders could choose from some glass beads that I brought from my own stash at home and combined these with wire and paper beads to make some wonderful creations. This summer I plan on working with friendly plastic and will introduce that medium to the jewelry center in the fall.

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missourima said...

whenever I try to do these types of projects, I have issues with kids hoarding supplies--either throwing them or taking way more than their share and filling their pockets with string and/or beads for later. Then we find them all over the school.